BMR Compliance

Providing bespoke, hands on compliance and training solutions to the General Insurance Industry

At BMR Compliance Ltd, we offer a wide range of Services to assist you in ensuring your compliance solutions are as be-spoke as your business.

We can offer a review of your current systems and take this right up to a full ‘hands on’ service, providing you with all the systems and procedures your firms requires to ensure it complies with the FCA requirements, without loosing its main focus and customer service. Our AIM is to provide you with the service you need, whether this is via an Audit, Implementation or Maintenance programme.


This includes an onsite visit to audit existing practices and procedures in relation to FCA requirements and fully understand your business. The work reviewed onsite will include looking at the current ICOBS procedures as well as looking at the High Level Standards and other FCA sourcebooks, including Prudential Requirements and Client Money.

This review includes a review of your client files, review of the Complaints procedure, your T & C procedures, a review of your client money systems and an overall check of your Senior Management systems.

Upon completion of the audit, you will be provided with a full analysis of both the position of your company and any requirements that may still be outstanding, to ensure full compliance is achieved.


This is a bespoke programme that will involve the implementation of all the areas highlighted in your Audit report.

A consultant will provide you with full feedback on your audit, and provide you with all the templates and systems to get your started with all your FCA requirements.

Price depends on the outcome of the Audit.


A local consultant is assigned to you and will visit on a regular basis to monitor and constantly review your systems. We take on any aspect of your FCA requirements, allowing you to delegate as much or as little of the work as you want!

In addition, you have access to your consultant via email or telephone should you have any concerns or queries at any time.

Regulatory Reporting When your interim 6 monthly report is due to the FCA, it is vital this is not late. BMR Compliance Ltd offer assistance and guidance in the completion of your report, working with you to ensure it is completed accurately and submitted on time.

Strategic Planning days

Many businesses have failed to either grasp new opportunities or exploit existing circumstances and end up stagnating or worse still fading into oblivion. Key factors influencing this include lack of vision and failure to establish clear goals and objectives.

We can help you write a business plan that is well documented and workable allowing you to decide exactly what steps you need to take to succeed by setting goals and objectives. As you are provided with a timeline for when tasks need to happen we can assist you in monitoring your progress.

Complaints Handling service

If you are unsure on the FCA requirements regarding complaints handling, we are able to take the burden of this from your.

We will ensure your complaint is dealt with on your behalf, within the FCA timescales and using the correct procedures. This information will be captured and monitored being provided to you for your RMAR completion.

Mystery shopping

We can arrange for one of our consultants to call various staff in your offices and provide you with a checklist of the areas that staff should have gone through, showing how they faired in a ‘real’ situation.

Acquisition Due Diligence

We can provide an in-depth review prior to a potential acquisition, giving you a transparent insight enabling you to ensure the purchase is right for your firm. Price depends upon the size of the acquisition.

Appointed Representative Applications and Management

Providing support to the principal firms, we will appoint and maintain your appointed representatives, giving you peace of mind. Price depends on number of appointed representatives.